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Detroit has an exciting new Theme Song!

Drawing from the symbolism of the annual 4th of July Fireworks Show on the Detroit River, "Light Up Detroit" celebrates the Spirit, Energy and Passion of all Detroiters.

Music inspires. It motivates. It binds people together. Especially here in Motown. With its positive lyrics, appealing melody and rhythmic beat, this song is a call to action for the people of this great city to work together to help build a better Detroit.

So, be a part of this campaign and show your love for Detroit. As the lyrics say, "Get on Board, Join Us".  Do your part to "Light Up Detroit and Make Detroit Shine"!!!



Thornetta sings for 30,000 at
Detroit Belle Isle Grand Prix

DMK Girls sing for 5,000 at the
New Year's Eve "D-DROP"

K'Jon performs with Olympic
light sticks and DSA Choir

"Light Up Detroit" music video
being filmed downtown

The Fillmore Theatre promotes
the "Light Up Detroit" song